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North Queensland Camera Group

Focus Groups

Focus groups assist photographers with common interests, to work together in a way that assists the group members to investigate, experiment and expand their knowledge of a set subject, at their own pace.


Focus Group Guide Lines:

  • Groups will require a name and must be registered with the Committee.

  • Groups consist of 2 – 6 people or more, depending on the subject.

  • Oversized groups, may split into a new group.

  • Any member can instigate a Focus Group.

  • Meetings and field outings are to be held on a periodically basis, at least every 6 weeks.

  • Groups will require a structure, team leader and members.

  • The life time of a group can be short or long term.

  • Members may leave or join a group at any time.

It is requested that long term Focus Group members, display their images in the Club's Newsletter, from time to time.

Important Note: All members who attend a Focus Group meetings or outings, must sign the attendance register upon joining the event/meeting to ensure we remain compliant with the PSQ Limited Public Liability Insurance.


Current Focus Groups

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