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North Queensland Camera Group members posting comments and photos from their field trips.


Goldfield Ashes

S.A.F.E. GROUP  Goldfield Ashes Excursion Saturday 25 January 2020


David Thomsen organised a day trip to Charters Towers on the Australia Day long weekend to check out some of the 240 teams who made the annual trek to the Towers for some activity and socialising.


     "We met up at Centenary Park then chose to go to the weir before the sun was too high in the sky. The weir was still overflowing from the recent rains and we had some fun there for a half hour or so. From there, we drove to the airstrip area where the social games were being played. And yes, they were pretty social.

      The light was challenging. It was overcast and if you wanted some speed for your shots, you needed to play around with the settings until you hit the jackpot. One of the teams we followed seemed to have a drinks break every 10 minutes. I only found out recently that the competing teams negotiate the rules just before play, so it was obvious what was important to those 2 teams!

     It was a great day and gave you loads of opportunities to do some candid photography."

David Thomsen


Thanks David, for thinking of this activity then following through with the planning for this trip. I’ll be there next year too! 


Mission Arts Exhibition

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